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    EMDK 3 with VS2019

    Mattia Durli



      I tried to compile my Xamarin EMDK3 based app (developed on VS2017) running on a TC20 with Visual Studio 2019 RC and it compiles and deploys but on the device it crashes at startup of the debug.

      If I run the same installed up on the device, it appears to be working fine: it crashes only when I try to start and debug the app with VS2019.

      If I remove any reference to EMDK in the OnCreate, on debug works.


      I then tried to compile and run the standard BarcodeSample1 and it breaks at startup too, with debug.

      Then BarcodeSample1 launched straight from device, works.


      Only difference I see in the APK is lib\armeabi-v7a\libmonodroid.so 124740Kb when compiled with VS2017 and 942796 with VS2019


      Any suggestion?




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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Mattia,


          That is strange, I swear I tried this on an earlier version of VS 2019 but I agree, with the latest update there is some problem launching an app that uses EMDK.


          Unfortunately this would need somebody from the engineering team to fix it which will happen when VS 2019 becomes fully supported, though that will not happen until VS2019 comes out of beta.


          Until then, the only supported approach will be to continue using VS2017 I'm afraid.




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              Christian Daniel

              I can confirm problems when using Visual Studio 2019 (also the final Version!) and also with EMDK 4.


              The app using EMDK will immediately crash as long as the VS Debugger is connected.

              This is true for the Windows as well as for the Mac Version of Visual Studio.

              But it works as expected when using Visual Studio 2017.


              This is a big problem for me, because I don't have VS 2017 for Mac anymore and I'm currently not able to download this version. That forces me to use a Parallels VM with the old VS2017 version.