Java import module

Hi, I'm not much of a computer programmer, i do mostly PLC, but the company is doing an integration between PLC and SQL, that integration will use Zebra Scanners for parts, pallets, and many other things.

this software they are using is done in Java. it's from inductive automation(Ignition). but Zebra programming guides online don't show anything like that as possible in Java, i says that the code can be use in Java, so i hoping that this is possible but there is no example, guidelines or tutorials about it. 

Basically i need the following.

Scan Barcode with Zebra Scanner 

Barcode is used by my app to run and sql scalar query against a DB, if the query is 1,

need to communicate back to scanner and  LED Flash Green and Beeper OK,

if query result is 'None' then  send back to scanner error LED Flash Red and Beeper 3 Times meaning error.

i know it can be done in windows, and ios, and android. but i need to do it in java. ignition works, by allowing us to import java packaged. like for example:

import system

from java.awt import Robot

that is just an example of how they work. so my goal is however it is possible but communicate back to scanner.