QR Barcode rotation issue and Size increase issue

Dear Experts,

My requirement is print the QR code with half size of the label with correct rotation.

But when i try this, the rotation of the QR code is not as per ideal QR code. it has to be rotated 90 degrees.

The printing happen from Right as mentioned in the attachment. so we need the QR code to be rotated.

Can you please help in this by giving your inputs.

Code snippet:







^FO000.0,070.0 ^GB148.0,000.0,0.3                                              ^FS

^FO25.00,80.00 ^BQ,2,9 ^MUD  ^BY30^MUM ^FDHA,S000112509;00499999999;TEST;000011010;CON11INE;099150113;1902111;D181112^FS^XZ