Arabic Text Printing from Microsoft Navision


I am fiddling with one issue with Prinitng Arabic Text on our Barcode printer ZT230 from Navision 2017.

Arabic Text does not appear on the Label but the number appears on the correct position as example item description ( Ulker Chocolate Albeni 40gm) the 40 appears as correct but text is blank and alligned properly.From Navision 2017 all Arabic description is feeded and when the print button is clicked it saves the files to drive with Itemlabel.prn with UTF-8 and it appears correct with no response to arabic text on printing but when i give the same .prn file through command it prints correctly.I tried to call the function from the file as well but still the same from Navision. Below english is appearing at the correct postion with barcodes and price.Problem is only with Arabic Text.Is there anyone who has come across with same problem and a solution please.