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    ZQ520 and printing by Java

    kimmo lehtinen



      I have Zebra ZQ520 printer and I use your Java API for printing the barcodes on the Windows OS. Java program works fine and I get the barcodes out from the printer. But it takes about 20 seconds to do that even printers is on (not in standby mode). My question is that how fast is possible to print one print? My point of view is that 20 seconds is too long. 


      E.g. this line of code takes about 10 seconds

      com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinter printer = com.zebra.sdk.printer.ZebraPrinterFactory.getInstance(printerConnection);


      And this code line takes rest of times



      Do you have any tips how one print could be faster to print?




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          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Kimmo,


          It could be slow due to nature of BlueTooth connection. What kind of connection you are using?


          Also, seems you are using a wrong method to print your label. The sendFileContents method is intended to send some file to printer to store it there, not to print it. To print your label you need to use thePrinterConnection.write() method as it shown here: TcpConnection (Zebra API (build v2.14.5097))


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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              kimmo lehtinen

              Hello Dmitry,


              I forgot to say that I am using USB cable connection in ZQ520. That “thePrinterConnection.write” method way to do helps a lot, now the printing time is about one second!  I thougth that I do something wrong because the printing time was so long, about 20 seconds. Now it works very fine!


              Thank you for help and very fast response to this e-mail question.