WT6000 Loses All Sound

I have multiple WT6000's running Android Nougat with Lifeguard 05 update.  During our daily use, our users are running Velocity for telnet emulation and the screens have been modernized.

I have at least 1 or 2 devices per day lose all sound while the users are scanning product.  They will be scanning along and all of a sudden the device goes mute.  All the volume sliders are all the way up but the device remains muted.  I can change the volume levels but it has no effect on bringing the sound back.

Once it goes mute, I have tried closing all the applications and disabling all apps that I don't need on the device and the muting still remains.

The only fix at this time is for the users to reboot the device.  Rebooting is a big issue for us also.  Aside from the time it takes, the users lose their tasks that they were working on and have to start from the beginning.  After a reboot the sound comes back like normal until it happens again.

Has anyone experienced this or have any resolutions for this?