how to use the kill password?

I am placing a kill password when I write the tag but when I want to kill over the tag I put the same password but it generates an error.

Tag Encoding :urn:epc:tag:sgtin-96:3.0607766.054102.18385

Pure Identity :urn:epc:id:sgtin:0607766.054102.18385

Legacy :gtin=00607766541022;serial=18385

Hexadecimal :307425185834D580000047D1

Binario :001100000111010000100101000110000101100000110100110101011000000000000000000000000100011111010001




^FO25,36^ADN,18,10^FDDrinking Water Agua Purificada^FS

^FO580,36^BQN,2,3^FDMM,00607766541022*Drinking Water Agua Purificada^FS

^FO25,58^ADN,18,10^FDRFID - TAG^FS



^RFW,H^FD307425185834D580000047D1^FS     <-- Write EPC value

^RZC6DA53,E,L^FS                                                <-- Write Kill Password Hex Value C6DA53


What am I doing wrong that does not work for me?