Can scanner and camera run at same time?

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I have run into a problem before, which is different on every single piece of hardware, where the camera interferes with the 2D barcode scanner and vice versa. It has been explained to me that this is typically a hardware issue, not software, based on the interfaces and physical available interfaces present on the device. For example, most devices use a UART connection. If there is only one physical UART port available, and both camera and barcode scanner need to use the UART, they must share. In these cases, you cannot get the barcode scanner and launch the camera at the same time.

Does this problem exist on Zebra devices? Specifically the TC7x series devices? I am using the Xamarin EMDK. I have a use case where I have used "GetEMDKManager" to claim the barcode scanner. I want to also be able to use the camera while I have the barcode scanner.

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Yes the limitation does exist

Yes the limitation does exist on Zebra devices.  You would need to disable the scanner within your application (release the EMDK) before being able to use the Camera.

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