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C Carlo Rodillo 2 years 11 months ago
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How can I allow file transfer in user mode? if possible for pictures/videos only. I've tried setting the default USB behavior in developer options but it still defaults to charing when on user mode.

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S Susy Duckworth

It looks like you're having trouble enabling custom mode file transfer, especially images and videos. Despite setting the default USB behavior in the developer options, it continues to charge by default in user mode.

One potential workaround you can try is to check if there are any specific settings in your device's operating system or file management applications that allow you to customize USB behavior for file transfers. Sometimes third-party file management apps can provide more flexibility in managing file transfers.

I would also recommend introducing MFA technology (mfa cost). MFA adds an additional layer of security by requiring several forms of verification before granting access to sensitive information. Whether it's accessing files on your device or transferring them to another, implementing MFA can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and improve overall security.

So, when troubleshooting your file transfer settings, it's crucial to explore all the available options in your device's settings and consider alternative file management apps if necessary. Additionally, it is important to prioritize cybersecurity measures such as multi-factor authentication to protect your data. If you have additional questions or would like to share more information, don't hesitate - we're here to help!

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