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Thank you for opportunity to post this discussion.

We have a lot of MC2180 to use at our warehouse and also during trade-show. Already developed application using VB "Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" and working well for years;

We are looking to buy more "mobile computer" system from Zebra for other warehouse but interested to buy difference or newer model which can runs our existing application.

Looking at "TC20 with Keyboard", if it run Android OS, how can we compile and use our VB Application I explained above? I read about Zebra Mobility Extension (MX) what is it do?

Basically, with similar budget of MC2180 – do you have other model can do WiFi, with keyboard and can compile our VB App explained above? Please help.

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Hi Alfonsus,The TC20 does

Hi Alfonsus,

The TC20 does seem like a good fit for yourselves but you might also consider the MC33.

Both of these devices are Android-only and due to lack of interest in Windows on our Mobile Computing line we have very few products that could run a VB app (maybe some tablets but nothing that would be a suitable upgrade path for you).

You are looking at rewriting your application I am afraid.  A good overview of the available tools is I Need Tools For... - Zebra Technologies TechDocs  - you might find using EMDK for Xamarin as the least steep learning curve.  There are some online resources for "Visual Basic on Android" but I have never tried anything like that.

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