TC51 OEM Bootloader Unlock

A Adam Smith 2 years 11 months ago
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My company and I recently purchased a few TC-51's that we are going to use for development. We need to be able to load a custom bootloader however, it looks like the bootloader is locked even with developer options enabled. When I attempt to add our bootloader with the Android fastboot utility, it looks like it requires a passphrase. Does anyone know what I need to do or whom I need to talk to?

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w willian oliveira

Olá gostaria de saber quais as opções que tenho para as permissões de app e se tem a possibilidade de obter acesso de root!
model: tc51

H Hunter Bradshaw

Hi Adam,

I am afraid this is not something we provide for security reasons.  You may wish to speak with your sales engineer or representative to discuss what other options might work in your scenario.

B Bobby Saget

bullshit if you own the phone the new fcaa law prohibits you from keepin the bootloader password form the owner

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