Barcode ist to long from ZM600-200dpi ZPL

I have a problem with bar codes on labels. I have two Zebra printers ZTC ZM600-200dpi ZPL(unreadable code) and ZTC ZT420-300dpi

. They are connected to the same network, have similar settings. The problem is that one of them prints for long barcodes, which then can not be scanned by a scanner (screen). What may be the problem, I tried to compare the settings. I changed to identical and nothing. How to change barcode size?


Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Peter,Your barcode from

Hello Peter,

Your barcode from ZM600 looks good and identical to barcode printed on ZT420. The only difference I able to see is a size of barcode. Seems both could be scanned without any problem.  Could this issue to be related to your non-handheld scanner? Say, improper distance for bigger barcode?

Although, there is no ability to control barcode width precisely for most of barcodes, there are some barcode ZPL commands let you select barcode size. What exact barcode type and ZPL command you are using?

Also, could you please to share photo of printed labels? The one that is ok and another that has an issue. I mean real photo of labels, not just barcodes.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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