Enterprise Browser - Auto refresh?


Hello everyone,

is there a way to Auto refresh the Site loaded in the Enteprise Browser in a specific interval?
Haven't found an option in the EB Config.xml

I need to stay connected to our SAP Netweaver through the EB without getting a timeout after 24h for example.

Thanks in advance.

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Please use Pageaction feature of EB.
After identifying the page please write a Javascript code to refresh the page after a specific period.
Please use the runscript command.

Page-based Actions - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

If you need help on the script please share the html source of the page where you need periodic refresh.


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Hello everyone,

as Joydeep already noted, I was able to solve my issue using Page-based Actions with the new Enterprise Browser 2.0

In the end I did not use a script to refresh the session however. Instead, I set the timeout in our SAP Application a
little higher and redirect the user to the our modified badlink.html when a timeout occurs. There he can get back to SAP by just pressing a button.

Thanks again for your help! I really like this community

Kind regards

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You can use a standard meta tag for this as it is not proprietary to Enterprise Browser:

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