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    Unknown printer language Old Printer TLP-3844Z

    Peter Du

      Hello There,


      I have a question about get printer's settings using SDK  2.14.1989, when I try to get printer settings, there is an error come out.


      Zebra.Sdk.Printer.ZebraPrinterLanguageUnknownException: Unknown printer language

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.Internal.ZebraPrinterFactoryHelper.GetLanguage(Connection connection, String[] cpclFwVersionPrefixes)

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.PrinterUtil.GetLinkOsPrinter(String connectionString)

         at Zebra.Sdk.Printer.PrinterUtil.GetSettingsFromPrinter(String connectionString)

      The printer firmware version is: v45-11-07z


      The questions is what is version v45-11-07zA? is it different from v45-11-07z?


      How should I get the printer's settings, I saw the Utility can set and update the printer's settings, SDK should has the function to do that.