EMDK, TC25 : How can I trigger the camera view during scanning?


I am integrating device TC25 in a Xamarin app via EMDK (Visual Studio 2017)

The scanning of barcodes itself is working, but I have no camera view with the red cross when scanning.

When I start the DWDemo app and push the scan button, I see immediately the camera view with a red cross. So it must be possible on the TC25 device.

I was thinking about some missing configuration.

Here is my code part from InitScanner:

                       //Get the feature object such as BarcodeManager object for accessing the feature.

                        _barcodeManager = (BarcodeManager)_emdkManager.GetInstance(EMDKManager.FEATURE_TYPE.Barcode);

                        _scanner = _barcodeManager.GetDevice(BarcodeManager.DeviceIdentifier.Default);

                        if (_scanner != null)


                            //Attahch the Data Event handler to get the data callbacks.

                            _scanner.Data += scanner_Data;

                            //Attach Scanner Status Event to get the status callbacks.

                            _scanner.Status += scanner_Status;


                            //EMDK: Configure the scanner settings

                            ScannerConfig config = _scanner.GetConfig();

                            config.SkipOnUnsupported = ScannerConfig.SkipOnUnSupported.None;

                            config.ScanParams.DecodeLEDFeedback = true;

                            config.ReaderParams.ReaderSpecific.ImagerSpecific.PickList = ScannerConfig.PickList.Enabled;

                            config.DecoderParams.Code39.Enabled = true;

                            config.DecoderParams.Code128.Enabled = false;


Thanks in advance!