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    Zebra RFD8500 Writing label - Always exception 128 length bytes

    Gabriel Gonzalez



      Im using a labels to write, but if I set 4 bytes to write, I always have a exception : "You are triying to write more than 128 bytes" but really I have 4 bytes , for example "hello" . I convert the String to bytes ( Im folowing the Example Zebra APP for android ).


      Im enable to READ the data of each label on USER_MEMORY section , but when I try to write data , always I have a exception “Triying to write more tan 128 bytes …” , even I did a test with 4 chars ( 4 bytes ) and when I wrote more than 4 chars I have this exception or “the length is wrong” on the object to write.


      String textData = dataLabel; //this param is the content of the textbox where the user write the data to sabe on the label.

       //I convert this text to bytes
      byte[] writeData = textData.getBytes();
      //and this is the configuration I use, I watched on the example APP.
      //On the example app , the calculate the length getting the text from the textbox área where the user write the content , get the length and later do a división by 4
      writeAccessParams.setWriteDataLength(contentET.getText().toString().length() /4 );
       //write method
      rfidReader.Actions.TagAccess.writeWait(tagId, writeAccessParams, null, null);


      some body know the way to write any lenght data or is exists a limit ?