Review of "printing from browser" methods


I have to select a Zebra printer for a new project which will need to have a direct printing from browser feature (I am referring about a button on the web page which directly print a label to the Zebra printer without any additional intervention from the user).

The label will need to have some text (formatted with some font and size) and one picture.

I read the document Zebra Web Printing Solutions, and I understand that there are some ways to do so:

  • use Browser Print software (with a USB Zebra printer connected to a running PC)
  • print directly to a network connected Zebra printer using an HTTP POST call sending an XML file to the printer
  • print directly to a network connected Zebra printer using a GET HTTP call
  • use Cloud Connect feature (with a network connected Zebra printer)

I am wondering which is the best method for me, so I don't know if I'm missing some other available method.

I would prefer a network connected printer to avoid any connection to a workstation PC, so I am looking to the Zebra GX420 (with the optional network interface) or the Zebra ZD500 printers.

Could you help me please?