Error -2146233088 - "The smart card is not responding to a reset. - zxp series 8"

Hey !

Hope someone can help as i have been stuck for quite some time.

So, I'm trying to encode a smartcard (sle4428) using the zxp series 8.

I followed the sample code in ZMotif SDKs -> sample code, and got to the point where it goes

// Once the card reaches the station, the job is suspended

//     note, the printer does not magange the actual smart card encoding or reading
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// ***** Smart Card Code goes here *****

//      At the completion of smart card process
//     if the smart card encoding was successful JobResume
//     if the smart card encoding was Unsuccessful JobAbort
// --------------------------------------------------------

When i run the code i get the Error -2146233088 "The smart card is not responding to a reset".

I tried using your dev talk(Zebra DEV { TALK } - Integrating SmartCard Technology into your Application) as inspiration and followed along.

I can establish the context (37:29 in the talk), but once i get to the SCardConnect(37:56) I get the Error.

I have tried other solutions and some 3th party libs. They all encounter this same error.

-I'm thinking that the job doesn't get suspended correctly and that is blocking SCardConnect, but as mentioned I'm really stuck.

Paste of Code - Link expires 3th of april

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards,


Manuel Caicedo-...
Hi Mads,It is very possible

Hi Mads,

It is very possible that the issue is related to the fact that you are not using a PC/SC compliant card. Also, you need to work with the vendor specific SDK that in this case is Identiv. This vendor provides MCardAPI SDK for working with SLE-family of cards. You will need to use that SDK to perform read and write operations with the SLE card. For more information on Identiv SDK, please follow the link below.

SDI010/SDI011 Dual Interface Smart Card Reader | Identiv Support



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Mads Engelbreth
Thanks for your quick

Thanks for your quick response !

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