Error -2146233088 - "The smart card is not responding to a reset. - zxp series 8"

Hey !

Hope someone can help as i have been stuck for quite some time.

So, I'm trying to encode a smartcard (sle4428) using the zxp series 8.

I followed the sample code in ZMotif SDKs -> sample code, and got to the point where it goes

// Once the card reaches the station, the job is suspended

//     note, the printer does not magange the actual smart card encoding or reading
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// ***** Smart Card Code goes here *****

//      At the completion of smart card process
//     if the smart card encoding was successful JobResume
//     if the smart card encoding was Unsuccessful JobAbort
// --------------------------------------------------------

When i run the code i get the Error -2146233088 "The smart card is not responding to a reset".

I tried using your dev talk(Zebra DEV { TALK } - Integrating SmartCard Technology into your Application) as inspiration and followed along.

I can establish the context (37:29 in the talk), but once i get to the SCardConnect(37:56) I get the Error.

I have tried other solutions and some 3th party libs. They all encounter this same error.

-I'm thinking that the job doesn't get suspended correctly and that is blocking SCardConnect, but as mentioned I'm really stuck.

Paste of Code - Link expires 3th of april

Thank you in advance,

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