Sample code for .net showing errors

Hello everyone,

i have dowloaded sample code for .net from following link :

Attaching the screenshot for refernce.


Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Ganesh,As you can see

Hello Ganesh,

As you can see on github mentioned demos for .net were were updated about a year ago. So it could be just outdated.

You can try to find more recent source code of demo apps inside of installed Link Os SDK.

1) press Start button

2) Find SDK in menus: All Programs -> Zebra Technologies -> Link-OS Multiplatform SDK -> Link-OS Multiplatform SDK. It will open file explorer in the root directory of SDK.

3) Go to subdirectories: -> v.2.15.2634 -> demos

4) Find there a demo you needed.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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