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    BrowserPrint Safari (Not allowed to request resource)

    Jeroen Verhoest

      The latest version of BrowserPrint (v1.2.1.279) doesn't seem to work correctly in Safari (12.0.3).

      When trying for example the Zebra Sample that's included when installing the BrowserPrint application you get the following error messages when trying it in Safari (works fine in Chrome/FireFox):

      Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 11.11.50.png


      You can try the sample here:



      I suspect it's because it triggers a HTTP request instead of a HTTPS request because the zebra file is served over HTTPS and because of that Safari blocks this request. It would work if the resource would trigger a request to but then you get the certificate issues again...

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          Manuel Caicedo-Rivera



          We have not seen this problem yet in our lab, please, could you provide more information regarding type of machine, OS version, printer involved, ZPL code, type of environment, Solution architecture, etc.


          Also, let me know if you have updated with the new javascript file, and if you are using the code in a real server environment.


          Please, could you report the issue to our Zebra Technologies tech support to process your request as well.





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            Jeroen Verhoest

            Hi Manual,


            I'm using the latest javascript (BrowserPrint- that's included in the Resources/Documentation/BrowserPrint.js folder of the BrowserPrint application ( (v1.2.1.279) and i'm hosting this exact sample on a web server for testing purposes.


            I'm having this issue on Safari (12.0.3) but I can run the sample perfectly in Chrome or Firefox on the same computer with the same BrowserPrint service running in the background so it's really a browser specific issue. We are using BrowserPrint in our web application to allow users to print labels directly from our web application and it was another user who reported the issue with Safari to me. And i'm having the exact issue when I try it in Safari...

            Looks like the call is being blocked because the sample is being hosted on a SSL connection and the BrowserPrint.js tries to call on a HTTP connection which causes Safari to block this request because it's unsafe.



            OS: macOS Mojave

            Version: 10.14.3

            Printer involved: GK420d

            ZPL code: none, BrowserPrint.getLocalDevices can't even fetch the printers because all calls are blocked

            Browser: Safari 12.0.3

            BrowserPrint version: v1.2.1.279

            BrowserPrint js version:


            Kind regards,