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    IMZ 220 / IMZ 320 Number of lines ?

    Christophe BERNARD

      Hello all,


      we work with the zebra TC75X with android 6.0 all works fine

      Our drivers can print with the printer IMZ 220 and IMZ 320.

      All our driver must be replace their printer IMZ 220 by the new IMZ 320 in a few week, month.


      Also in few month, the service communication would like to review all our stickers we print.

      They send me a question and perhpas you can help me.


      They want the number of line the printer IMZ 220 or IMZ 320 can print.

      Ok it's all depend of space between each line and of course the font used.


      But is it possible to have perhpas a number ?


      thanks for your time

        • Re: IMZ 220 / IMZ 320 Number of lines ?
          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Hello Christophe,


          Both IMZ220 and IMZ320 printers have the same resolution value, which is equal to 203 dpi. So they should have no any difference between amount of lines can be printed on a label.


          However, due to different printing width there could be a difference in case you are printing your labels as 90 degree rotated. Their printing widths related to each other with ratio 1.5. In this case you may have an coarse idea on new value in a following way:

          new_value = old_value * 1.5


          Dmitry Prokhorov

          Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

          Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies