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Hi all, 

I am currently developing a web application using BrowserPrint to communicate with the zebra Printer. It works fine in my local, but I keep getting error on the Production server when using Internet Explorer.

The main difference that I know so far on the production server set up:

- Use of compatibility mode for IE
- Https instead of Http.

I am aware that the newer version of BrowserPrint that comes with the new .js file supposedly able to solve the https issue. So far I have changed the .js with the most recent one and I can print just fine using google chrome, but not IE. The computer that can connect to the production server is still using the outdated version of the browserprint.

Is there any other  setting that might cause the browserprint to not be able to function properly on IE?

Thank you for your time!

Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Satrio,Even IE is

Hello Satrio,

Even IE is supported in recent version of Browser Print SDK there are some issues possible. Especially in case of outdated version of Browser Print or MSIE. As you can see in documentation SDK requires Internet Explorer 11+.

Browser Print SDK | Link-OS | Zebra

So I would recommend you to update Browser Print SDK and MSIE. Also it may worth to move from MSIE to another browser.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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