Cannot print via USB as a non-admin user on windows 10

Hi there,

with non-admin user in windows, i'm not able to print: I'm using windows 10 and zebra link_os sdk v2, our printer is GK420t. We need to print via usb, because the our working place is not connected to the network.

I tried it in Java and in C#: if I am logged in as admin, I can print without problems from my Java or C# program. But once a standard user with restricted privileges is logged in under windows (which is usually the case), I can no longer print. The getZebraDriverPrinters() method still returns the printer, but a connection can no longer be established.

However, via the normal Windows Print dialog it is possible to print a test page, even with the restricted user.

Is there a solution?

Edit: i had already attached my question to another thread, but then i didn't get an answer anymore:

Dmitry Prokhorov

Dmitry Prokhorov Moderator (to Ruth Neessen) 2 weeks ago

Hello Ruth,

Could you please to check a version of your Link OS SDK and update it to most recent one?

It could be already fixed issue.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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Ruth Neessen

Ruth Neessen  (to Dmitry Prokhorov) 6 days ago

Hello, Dmitry,

Thank you so much for your answer. I removed the old library and downloaded the SDK again. The problem still exists. Do you have any idea how to solve it? We need the software quite urgently.

Thanks a lot!

Adam Bragdon
It sounds like an issue I had

It sounds like an issue I had where it tested fine on my computer but once I moved it to a User account, it wouldn't work. What I did to resolve it was I logged in as a administrator and then opened the Printer Properties for the problem printer, then went to the Security tab and then set the Everyone group to have full permissions over the printer. It worked fine after that. You should be able to specificy a user if you want. I hope it helps fix your issue!

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Ruth Neessen
wow, you're a lifesaver!our

wow, you're a lifesaver!

our it service, whose employees are the only ones with admin rights, couldn't solve it and attributed it to a software bug.

But it would have been their job to give the group the right permissions.

thank you very much!

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