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    How to make a custom keyboard the default keyboard on a Zebra TC56

    Tien Nguyen


      Does anyone know what the adb intent command is  to an Zebra T56 running Android Nougat 7.1.2 to change the default keyboard from Google keyboard (Gboard) to a 3rd party keyboard.


      App Name : Retriever Keyboard

      3rd Party Keyboard ID Name: "com.retriever.cust.retrieverkeyboard/com.retrievercommunications.cust.retrieverkeyboard.RetrieverAndroidKeyboard"

      Have managed to successfully do this via ADB shell commands by using the below command but have been advised from the SOTI to use a ADB intent command.

      ime set com.retriever.cust.retrieverkeyboard/com.retrievercommunications.cust.retrieverkeyboard.RetrieverAndroidKeyboard