How to make a custom keyboard the default keyboard on a Zebra TC56


Does anyone know what the adb intent command isĀ  to an Zebra T56 running Android Nougat 7.1.2 to change the default keyboard from Google keyboard (Gboard) to a 3rd party keyboard.

App Name : Retriever Keyboard

3rd Party Keyboard ID Name: "com.retriever.cust.retrieverkeyboard/com.retrievercommunications.cust.retrieverkeyboard.RetrieverAndroidKeyboard"

Have managed to successfully do this via ADB shell commands by using the below command but have been advised from the SOTI to use a ADB intent command.

ime set com.retriever.cust.retrieverkeyboard/com.retrievercommunications.cust.retrieverkeyboard.RetrieverAndroidKeyboard