How to create a sales receipt and print into Bluetooth printer


I have developed an android application in android studio for Van Sale.  Now I want to create a sales receipt and print to zebra bluetooth printer(like imz320). How can I create a receipt and print using zebra library?. Please share me the sample android studio project.

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Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Muhammed,You can create

Hello Muhammed,

You can create your sales receipt design with ZebraDesigner​ software and save it as  ZPL commands in a text file . For the case you will need to customize your design you can find comprehensive ZPL programming manual here:

To print your label on Zebra printer you can use Link-OS Multiplatform SDK​ which has support for Android. You can download and install SDK. Then you will find sample android studio projects inside of installed SDK. Also there are documentation on Link-OS SDK for Android  and Link-OS SDK for Android BLE​.

Although Link OS SDK is able to support some legacy printers with lack of some features, I would recommend you to go with Link-OS printers. It could be ZQ320:

ZQ300 Series Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Printers | Zebra

It is replacement model for legacy iMZ320 printer, which is discontinued:

iMZ320 Mobile Printer Support & Downloads | Zebra

Dmitry Prokhorov

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