CS4070 - SPP mode on windows 10


I am trying to use a CS4070 device with the SPP mode in a .net application.

Everything seems alright :

   - HID mode is working

   - when I scan the SPP mode barcode and pair my device, 2 COM ports appear in the device manager as "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link"

However, when I scan a barcode, the scanner beeps 4 times and the led beside the '+' button lights up and I don't see any activity on the COM port.

What do these beeps mean and how I can solve my problem.

Other info :

The Bluetooth device is a ASUS USB-BT400

My sysinfo is :


BT version=TAACHS00-004-R02

SE version=PAABLC20-003-R00

Serial number=18329522503362