Zebra Browser Print - Device Name vs Printer Name -

We are working with browser print and have the application done, however we would like to print a more friendly name to the users.

We are working with 2824 and ZD400 printers.

The commands:

! U1 setvar "device.friendly_name" "PWZebra"

! U1 setvar "device.reset" ""

Does not appear to be supported by these printers.

So next option is to display the printer name or printer description as we can change that.

However we do not see in the browser print API an option to display the printer name or description just the device name which we know is the serial number on the board which is very unfriendly to us.

Are the some suggestions on how to get a friendly name or are we missing a command some place?

Thank you

Dmitry Prokhorov
Hello Patrick,You can use

Hello Patrick,

You can use following command to see all SGD commands and options available for your printer:

! U1 getvar "allcv"

Here is article on how to capture allcv report in a proper way:

Using the SGD Allcv Command  ! U1 getvar "allcv" <CR>

However there is some chance you will be unable to change your printer name to more friendly value that need to be available to your BrowserPrint.

Dmitry Prokhorov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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