Connect Zebra ZXP 7 printer together with other usb printers

Hi, when we connect the Zebra ZXP series 7 printer by usb, it works fine if it is the only printer connected by usb.

However, if we connect another printer (paper printer) by usb, the Zebra printer software recognizes the Zebra printer but it prints by the other printer.

When the Sample SDK Zebra connect to the usb printer, it prints ZMC11/2> on the paper printer.

Although the printer Zebra ZXP series 7 is recognized, when we print some card, it prints by the paper printer and it prints again ZMC11/2>

When we debug the sample code of Zebra in c#, it returns Open Failed (65004) - SDK: Device not responding when it tries to open the connection printer in OpenConnectionToPrinter procedure,

Is not possible have another printer connected by USB when the Zebra ZXP series 7 is connected?