Zebra barcode scanner BLE connect from Web Bluetooth API (Chrome)

How can I connect to Zebra barcode scanner (DS8178) BLE from Bluetooth web api (Chrome, Linux and Android)?

I switch scanner host type to SSI BT LE.
I can easily connect from Android app (nRF Connect or BLE Scanner) and there I can see all services.
In Chrome I can see my scanner in navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice(). When I get BluetoothDevice from navigator I can output following:

BluetoothDevice {id: "FfeQPSDWzZDPhWfVB+k4+g==", name: "DS8178 18250010508197", gatt: BluetoothRemoteGATTServer, ongattserverdisconnected: null}

  gatt: BluetoothRemoteGATTServer {connected: false, device: BluetoothDevice}

  id: "FfeQPSDWzZDPhWfVB+k4+g=="

  name: "DS8178 18250010508197"

  ongattserverdisconnected: null

  __proto__: BluetoothDevice

But when I try to connect using BluetoothDevice.gatt.connect() I get this exception:

DOMException: {

  code: 19,

  name: NetworkError,

  message: Connection failed for unknown reason.


did anyone figure it out?


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