Zebra Designer: wrong encoding for some characters


I'm struggling to understand the use of the ^CI command.

The ZPL manual states that the accepted values for this commands are 0 to 10, where 1 to 10 are specific character sets. But if I consult the

Zebra Code Page 850 - Latin character set, I can see a single character list. So I understand that the  ^CI command, if used with any of the 0 to 10 numbers, always yields the same results. So what is the actual difference between U.S.A. 1 and a Sweden/Finland character set in regards to the CI command?

My question regards the fact that I always leave the default ^CI0 command as produced by Zebra Designer but frequently we need to print specific character as for example the Portuguese ones (ã, ç, õ) and I am worried that this may result in an error.

May somebody clarify?