Zebra TC75X Take picture rename it ?


Hello all,
we have more than 700 devices zebra tc75x under android 6.0

I would like to know if it's possible when i take a picture to rename this picture with a certain format ?

Actually, if i take a picture this picture is locate into the folder DCIM CAMERA with a name IMG_DATE AND TIME.
Great, but imagine if i have 10 or 100 device who take some picture ...
The risk is to have some picture with same name ...

My goal will be to have for example ten device zebra tc75x with a name (TC75X_1 / TC75X_2 / ...) and when the TC75X_1 take a picture to have the picture with the name TC75X_1_DATE AND TIME

Is it possible with stage now or i don't know perhpas some setting that i don't have see or any idea ?

thanks for your time