Printing label from usb barcode scanner with ZBI

Dear  All!

I have an issue with my zebra printer and usb scanner. I am new in zbi world and everything is new for me.
I would like to use both of them in my project. I have zebra zt410rfid printer and a LS1203 barcode scanner that is connected via usb to the printer. The project is, scan a barcode and print on the label. So i tried to write zbi code to test my hardware and i got stuck. First of all I would like to use this code for scan a barcode whitch is include "123" and after that print a datamatrix code with the scanned data.  The printer is zbi compatible with activated license. Maybe my code is wrong, but when i copy the zbi program as ".bas" to the printer and i try to run it and nothing happens. No scanning and no printing. When i  use "USB" port and i want to run my program on the printer, the file name is disappear the file name on the screen, when i want it to run. But if i use in my code serial port, its run and appear the file name on the screen.

I would like to ask some  help to in .
Thank you.

The code:


20 OPEN #1: NAME "USB"

30 OPEN #2: NAME "ZPL"

40 INPUT #1: A$

50 if A$ = "123" then

60 PRINT #2: "^XA^FS^FO250,200^BXR,20,200^FD" &A$& "^FS^XZ"

70 end if

80 INPUT #1: A$

90 if A$ = "456" then

100 PRINT #2: "^XA^FS^FO250,600^BXR,20,200^FD" &A$& "^FS^XZ"

110 end if

120 INPUT #1: A$

130 if A$ = "789" then

140 PRINT #2: "^XA^FS^FO250,1000^BXR,20,200^FD" &A$& "^FS^XZ"

150 end if

160 goto 40