2844-z factory reset/calibration issue

We have a 2844-Z printer thant is having issues when we factory reset it or attempt to calibrate it. When you power it off and back on, it will calibrate and spit out two labels and then stop like normal. Then, about 5 seconds later it goes through a process again and spits out 3+ labels and stops half way on one and the light blinks red. Then it pauses again and spits out another three or more labels. Eventually, after 5-7 attempts, it appears to calibrate and the light turns green. When you print something, it prints one label correctly and then spits out two blank ones. If we try to calibrate/factory reset it again, it goes through the same process as before.

I tried replacing the print head with the same results. I also tried a different version of the firmware with the same results.

Anyone have any ideas what might be the problem and how to fix it?