AZTEC code with binary data


Can you give me any example  how to send binary data to aztec code?

I try something like this:

byte[] aztecData = new byte[114];

// fill aztec data

String zplStart = "^XA ^B0N,4,N,40,N,1 ^FD";

String zplEnd = "^FS" + /* here are some others objects*/ "^XZ"

Connection conn = new BluetoothConnection(MAC);

// this join all 3 byte array together

byte[] allData = ArrayUtils.addAll(zplStart.getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8), ArrayUtils.addAll(aztecData, zplEnd.getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8)));


but it wont draw aztec, it even dont print anything before bytes, only all ZPL commands that are after aztec bytes.

How can I send zpl with aztec custom bytes?