Browser Print

Hello, I've tried the Browser Print javascript library and with success i can print my label and write rfid tag.

My question is about how i can know when the printer finishes to print. In my case i do not print a single label, but i pass in the ZPL several labels (can be up to 100), so the printing takes a while. Is there a way to know the the entire job is done? I saw in the sdk for android the use a variable where to check the queue length. Is there a similar way in the javascript library? Or the alternative is to put a ZPL command to read the rfid tag after each label is printed?

Hope it sounds clear.

My ZPL code is: ^XA^FO35,100^BY2^BCN,100,Y,N,N^FD3035FA993C00008000000001^FS^FO125,250^BY3^BCN,100,Y,N,N^FDMSBCamBluS^FS^RS8,F0,200,3,N^RR2^RW26,27^RFW,H^FD3035FA993C0001C000000001^FS^XZ