Issue in getting current status with Zebra.Printer SDK


I am using the latest version of Zebra.Printer SDK 2.15 with Zebra ZD420 with firmware version V84.20.15Z and Link-OS Version 5.2, on a Xamarin Forms iOS app. While trying to get the current status using

ZebraPrinter printer = ZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance(connection);

   string errorMessage = GetPrinterStatusErrorMessage(printer.GetCurrentStatus());

I get the following error though not everytime.

  • Zebra.Sdk.Printer.InternalZebraPrinterFactoryHelper.GetLanguage (Zebra.Sdk.Comm.Connection connection, System.String[] cpclFwVersionPrefixes)
  • Zebra.Sdk.Printer.InternalZebraPrinterFactoryHelper.GetInstance (System.String[] cpclFwVersionPrefixes, Zebra.Sdk.Comm.Connection connection)
  • Zebra.Sdk.Printer.InternalZebraPrinterFactoryHelper.GetInstance (Zebra.Sdk.Comm.Connection connection)
  • Zebra.Sdk.PrinterZebraPrinterFactory.GetInstance (Zebra.Sdk.Comm.Connection connection)

Also sometime I get this error also, very random and goes off if I rebuild the solution.

Zebra.Sdk.Comm.ConnectionException: Could not connect to device: Could not initialize an instance of the type 'ExternalAccessory.EASession': the native 'initWithAccessory:forProtocol:' method returned nil.

Can you please help ?



Dmitry Prokhorov
Hi Ashish,

Hi Ashish,

Before using printer Connection class you need to be sure your connection is really open.

Dmitry Prokhorov
Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility
Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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