SB1 App deployment (.cab file)


I want to know how to build .cab file for SB1 app to deploy in device using FTP SB1 Client. What is the min/max versions of Visual Studio version required ? Where can I find the documentation about it ?
Thanks in advance.
Sivakumar V
Spritle Software

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The SB1 is a thin client device. There's no support to install native applications on it.

For more information on how to develop application for the SB1 you can take a look at this recorded webinar and at the SB1 section here on Launchpad.


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Thanks Pietro,

Yes you are right. I have tried building .cab file with HTML5,CSS and Javascript files and installed using FTP Client application. It places my app under "UserDriver/apps" directory also it updates my apps.json and config.js files.

Sivakumar V
Spritle Software