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    Screen Shot with Android 4.x

    Hector Meza



      Have you ever had
      the request for a screen shot of your app on your android device?


      Well with Jelly Bean 4.x you can do this without having to connect a cable.


        Hold down the Volume Down and Power Button at the same time for a few seconds, and the active screen will be captured and placed into your Gallery App. 



      Hope this helps!

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          Simon Tinegate

          I have just upgraded an estate of TC70's from GA1 4.2 & GA3 4.3 devices to Lollipop 5.1.1 and i have found that this function has now stopped working.


          This is an important feature for me as reporting on device statuses uses screen shots in the reporting. Is there any way that this can be checked or has the key sequence changed in Lollipop?

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              Darryn Campbell

              Hi Simon,


              screen shots should work on the TC70 5.1 with the same key sequence.  Is it possible you have something else on your device which is blocking the functionality?  For example an EMM provider like Soti or Airwatch or perhaps a staging profile which uses StageNow to block screenshots (Display Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs ).


              I don't think anything would have changed between builds but for reference I'm testing on 2-10-02 non-GMS.

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                  Simon Tinegate

                  Thanks Darryn,

                  i'm using 2-10-02 Non-GMS also.


                  These devices are live in the field devices and i am using mProdigy as my EMM. This EMM has no blocking functions, it is file delivery only, the homescreen i am using is Zebra's own enterprisehomescreen and does not have the option for blocking screenshots.

                  The EHS.xml i am using was taken from a working Lollipop device and has been applied to the estate with roughly 95% success rate with the other 5% having this problem.