datawedge api count scan



I have deployed an inventory application for a Motorola terminal.


The issue here is that the end user would like me to return statistics on how many scanned data vs keyb entry in-ed data.


I have used datawedge api to enable or disable datawedge on some windows.

My question is can i use the datawedge api to also detect a scan event vs a     keyboard event? i noticed the component idatawedgeapieventsondata but not sure it can help and before starting to loose time i would like to have your opinion on that please?


If the above is not feasible, then i would use the prefix suffix functions to distinguish scan from keyboard but then i have to deploy a modification on the configuration of datawedge. Which method would you recommend? XML or is there any way to configure the datawedge profile by the API?


thanks in advance for your help