European Special Characters on OCR issue

Well, now yes, increasing the size of my template to 3 Mp made it. I can decode now.

So I found another issue.


Juan Antonio Martínez Rodríguez-Bermejo

c/ Alcañís 40 Logroño 28043



Is usually very misdecoded and shown in red. But once it [thinks it] gets properly decoded, what was actually interpreted was:

Juan Antonio Martinez Rodriguez-Bermejo

c/ Alcalis 40 Logrofio 28043



I may well understand í might be misinterpreted as i (in fact, this not a big deal), but what is unacceptable is ñí being as li, ñ as fi and especially Ñ as N.

This latter is a common unaccuracy on Spanish OCRs and -I can bet my left eye- this is what customers are going to test as soon as they get the app!

This field is defined as OCR, whose settings are: Alphanumeric, NO regexp, NO verification, European languages.

Should I instead specify a custom language with all the possible letters in -in my case- Spanish?

How is this done, i.e, which is the syntax for doing this?



Lawrence Ng
Hi Juan-Antonio,As noted on

Hi Juan-Antonio,

As noted on the Known Issues page "Selecting European languages in the Template Builder will not correspond to European character output", this issue has already been captured and will be fixed in the next iteration delivered to you. As long as "European languages" is selected for regions that contain such characters, the next release will properly process this information.



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