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    Multiple templates problem

    Pedro Tareco



      When I try to use multiple templates it only recognizes one of them.


      I create 3 separate templates from labels of different equipment.

      When I use each individual template on a separate label it is working fine, and only recognizes the specific label.

      When I try to aggregate the 3 labels in one multiple template it is not working: it recognizes all the 3 labels as if they were the 1st ones.


      Any suggestions?


      Please see files attached.




        • Re: Multiple templates problem
          Anu Kannan


          Thanks for trying this out.


          Looking at the combined Moto_term,xml multi-template, you're right that it almost always returns the SB1_CRD_barcode details. This is because this template has only the 'Part Number' and 'Serial' number bar codes as the identifying criteria. And all the labels being targeted have these two bar codes and so the software returns saying it identified the first one. A multi template needs proper distinction between the labels to discern between them.


          Could you please elaborate on the use-case so we can help you better ? Are you looking for the Part number, Serial number and Date regardless of the label [in which case we really don't need a multi  -template] or is the goal to get label specific details ?



          Hope this helps.