Does anyone know will MSMQ work on MK3100?


As the title goes, does anyone know will MSMQ work on MK3100 or other Motorola Windows Mobile devices?
Thank you.

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I believe the answer is yes as MSMQ is based on .NET compact framework. Below is a link that may be helpful.

How to: Use MSMQ in the .NET Compact Framework

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Peter's answer is not completely right. MSMQ is *not* based on Compact Framework (NETCF). But MSMQ can simply be used by NETCF applications because Microsoft provides an assembly (named System.Messaging) for easy access to the MSMQ services on the device.
The MSMQ Service (msmqd.dll) must be installed and started on the device. There are several ways to do so, one way is described here:

Currently I'm facing an issue on Windows Embedded 6.5 Handheld on a MC9190 device. MSMQ is missing on this device and OS and I'm currently unsure how I can get it working.