OCR recognition problems - COT Label

Hello Team,


I do have a customer which would order DPX immediately...

It looks like that a possible solution is very easy to integrate.

We need to read a barcode from label 1, then we need to do an OCR on label 2 which carries the same information which the barcode does have.

Finally we need to compare the barcode information and the OCR information and if it is the same everything is great, if not, the user grapped the wrong material.


Unfortunately I run into an issue when trying to decode the OCR information from label 2 .

The software mismatched "O" and "0" and e.g. the number "1" is regognizez as an "l"


I attached the label, the information to decode using OCR is "5N0 804 421"

The .xml file I used is attached as well.


Recognition is very fast, but typical wrong output is:


5NO 8O4 42l


5N0 8O4 42


Any idea for help is very welcome,


kind regards