MC9200 Scanner is not working.

Hi All,


I have installed the EMDK V2.8 for .net and used the Symbol.dll & symbol.Barcode.dll version 2.8.Followed by EMDK, installed the PSDK for MC9200 also. But after installing the PSDK i was not able to find the appropriate platform in the Build --> Configuration manger in Visual studio 2008.


The prerequisite for installing the PSDK :

The following software packages must be installed prior to the installation of the Platform SDK for MC9200c70. Most are available as a download from Microsoft’s website.

Once this package has been installed, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE will contain a new selection for the VC70N0CE in the "Build->Configuration Manager" menu field. This entry must be selected when creating and debugging applications for VC70N0CE device.


But in my case am using windows 7 Operating system where Active sync cannot be installed.

So please advice/help me to resolve the issue.