How to use Barcode Scanning and Take Pictures

Hi Experts,

If anyone could provide a simple solution for using Barcode scanning to scan barcodes and CameraCaptureDialog to capture images.

A simple form that would have barcode scanning enabled on it so user can scan barcodes in a text box but the form should also have a button called "Camera" which when clicked will initiate CameraCaptureDialog so user can take picture.


The reason I am asking for this is because taking picture and scanning is triggered by the same button (big yellow Scan button) and I would like to understand how to make sure barcode scanning does not interfere with camera. 


I have similar solution as described above but in my case, attempt to call CameraCaptureDialog 1st time works, 2nd time it crashes with "An unknown exception".  If I comment out code that initiates barcode scanning, then CameraCaptureDialog.ShowDialog will not crash at all.


Much appreciated,


Mike Bedford
Did this ever get figured out

Did this ever get figured out? If so, how?

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