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    Continue trying to put changes even after 401 error

    Ruben Ruben



      In the app i'm currently developing, my source adapter connects to a web service in order to fetch the data it needs. This web service uses a token that is only valid for 1 hour. I want the user to be able to keep working with an invalid token and that all changes are stored in the local db until he gets a valid token again (when all changes would be synced)


      The problem is that once the Rhoconnect gives error 401 after trying to put, post or delete anything, it won't try to repeat that operation in the following sync (even if the sync succeeds).


      I'd like the behaviour to be the same as when the user tries to do any operation without having a valid connection; where it will try to put/post/delete until it succeeds.


      I can understand why this is the default behaviour for 401 errors, but is there any way to change this?