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    DPX V1.1.1

      We have released a new version of DPX (V1.1.1, note the numbering system change) for those that are interested in trying out the latest and greatest. Downloads can be found on the Extranet (https://compass.motorolasolutions.com/cgi/go/dpxalpha), as always. If you already have DPX on your device, you only need to update your device using the UpdatePackage zip file; otherwise, you will need to use both zip file. The FullPackageUpdate may wipe your user data, so proceed with caution; however, if you already have DPX on your device, the UpdatePackage will leave user data intact. If you run into any issues using this version, please leave a post on our Launchpad site and we will get back to you.

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          Sebastien Laporte

          Hi Lawrence

          do you have a release note?

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              Hi Sabastien,


              The following are the major new features and bug fixes in Version 1.1.1:


              Major New Features

              Updated launcher icon

              Wireframe tracking - now your mixed content form's border will be tracked on the screen with a wireframe as it is detected

              Capture sensitivity - tweak the sensitivity of the automatic capture algorithm to make it easier/harder to automatically capture form

              LED Feedback (MC67 users) - LED will light up red to indicate DPX window is open


              Bug Fixes

              Fix zoom SeekBar alignment issue

              Fix for Toast messages appearing when SD Card is not mounted

              Fixed bug where item alert status on Results page was reset by clicking on the item, as opposed to clicking "OK"

              Many more bug fixes


              Please let me know if you need any more specific information or if you have any questions about the changes.