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    Beep sound for Push Notification

    Jyotin Desai


      We need the functionality so that when device is got push notification, it should make beep sound.

      We have successfully implemented Push and we are doing the necessary action in "detected" function. But we are not getting any sound.

      In setting, we have all the 3 beeper values enabled for Application, System and Server.

      Can you please suggest some way to beep the device in case of Push Notification?



      Jyotin Desai

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          Venkatasubbaiah Chenna

          Hello Jyothin


          I am assuming that you are using SB1 OS 36.3.

          • You may be using asl.notify API.
          • Your config.js  may have .config.beepForApplication = true;


          Please let me know your device hardware type. is it speaker attached to it or speaker nuggest attached to it?


          Please send me config.js




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              Jyotin Desai

              Hi Venkat,


              Thanks for your quick response. Please see attached config.js


              I am not using asl.notify. Our app has functionality something like this: we are fetching data from web service and display into list on SB1. When there is some new data assigned on server side, it pushes to device and on SB1 when push detected, we simply refresh the list without showing any alert pop up. To notify the user, that the data has been changed, we need the beep sound here.


              When I use asl.notify, I can get the beep work. Is there any solution so without showing notification alert, we can simply get beep on push detected?


              Below are my device configuration details:

              OS version: 02.01.36

              Rhoelement version:

              App folder version: 36.3

              Sb1 shell version: 2.8.3



              Jyotin Desai

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              Bob Walker

              I am looking to do something similar.


              I need to have a different beep when an item is not located but I don't need a user message/prompt to be displayed.


              I attempted to use the notification API but it doesn't appear to function in the SB1.  I had attempted using the generic.playWave function but our devices do not have the speaker modules.


              Does anyone have a working example of using the notification, not asl.notify, services to provide an audible prompt?



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                  Venkatasubbaiah Chenna

                  Hello Bob


                  At present there is no option to use notification API. You can disable beepForApplication and use generic.playWav().


                  May be using speaker nugget and above changes may resolve the problem.


                  If it is critical to your business you can open a SPR we will provide the fix.


                  We have included this API in our up coming release in Sept/Oct 2014.




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                      Ricardo Gonzalez

                      I might the same question but somehow different.

                      Is there still no option to inject (Server Side generated) Alerts (not Push)?


                      • Push notifications interacts directly w/ Applications which cause the need to keep an Application Open; as a result, we need to keep a Notifiable application, otherwise, push messages are lost.


                      • Alerts are being kept even if any application is currently open, but are only generable from inside an application (by using asl.notify).


                      Do you mind any way to invoke asl.notify from outside without requiring a user app to remain awake (open)?


                      Best Regards.