Barcode Intelligence
Information is power.

Information is power. When workers can access robust data from barcode scanning, they gain powerful decision guidance—and the potential to deliver greater customer value.

Zebra’s Barcode Intelligence API enables you to build applications that access third-party databases for instant barcode data enrichment using a single API. Give workers new insights without the need to set up contracts with multiple database vendors or create multiple connections in one application.

Comprehensive Barcode Intelligence API Package

A comprehensive Barcode Intelligence API package is available for organizations that need to access information from all data sources listed below.

FDA Recall  | Shipping/Tracking | UDI System | UPC, EAN, ISBN | VIN

Getting Started

No device is required to consume this API.

Barcode Symbology

A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide.

Barcode Intelligence in Action

Here are just a few examples of how Barcode Intelligence can streamline your workflow:

  • A warehouse refuses to accept recalled products at receiving and ultimately avoids shipping them out.
  • Before filling a prescription, a pharmacist scans the barcode on a bottle of pills to identify any active recalls.
  • A worker can rapidly determine the product’s unit weight and calculate truck payload in a hectic warehouse.
  • A developer can incorporate product photography via API to save time
  • A delivery company can more easily maintain its fleet of vehicles.
Supertile API List

Enable supply-chain, retail and healthcare workers to see if food and pharmaceutical items are listed in the FDA recall database—critical knowledge for protecting the public health.

Decode a GS1 RFID tag into EPC data


Give supply-chain workers and retail associates access to rich product data such as dimensions and pricing from the UPC, EAN and ISBN databases, empowering them to track and sell more effectively.

Effective preventive fleet maintenance requires reliable, comprehensive data on every component of every vehicle. Empower fleet managers with 30 data points from the VIN databases.