Battery Level
Manage and Monitor Battery Levels

Manage and monitor mobile computer and printer battery level across sites, device model and individual devices during selected time frames to ensure and maintain productivity and inventory. Easily identify issues with battery charging to monitor inappropriate charging behaviors or if there is an issue with the charger/cradle.

  • Mobile device model and Android version are supported for the Mobile Computer Device Health APIs
  • Zebra Data Services (ZDS) agent is installed and activated on the Mobile Computers
  • Zebra Printers are running Link-OS 4.0 or above, i.e. firmware version X.20.01Z or later
  • Zebra Printer Connector (ZPC) agent is activated on the Printers
  • Devices have been enrolled and authorized for Zebra Savanna
Getting Started
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A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide

Battery Level in Action
  • Be aware of battery levels through charging reports
  • Low average battery level can be good indicator of battery charging or capacity issues